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Welcome to the world of SHUKANG®!


The patented health insole for businesses within the scope of their in-house healthcare provision and for private persons.


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Do you sit for more than 3 hours per day?
If so, this will have a lasting negative impact on your health, as has been proven by international studies!


The solution:


Use SHUKANG® for 30 minutes every day!
is unique

The patented health insole SHUKANG is based on the wisdom of more than 5,000 years of traditional Eastern Asian medicine.
The activation of reflex zones in the feet when wearing the insole improves physical feeling in its entirety as well as general well-being.

What makes it


  • Patented health product

  • 8 adjustable massage nodes

  • Premium design

  • High-tech material

  • High preventive efficiency

  • Can be used in almost all kinds of shoes

shoe sizes:


SHUKANG insoles are available in the following double sizes:
37 / 38
39 / 40
41 / 42
43 / 44
45 / 46
SHUKANG® - Wellness for your feet


Feet carry us throughout our entire life and all too rarely receive the attention that they deserve. The SHUKANG insoles with massage function, however, provide you with a vitalising foot reflexology massage without effort.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, foot reflexology improves not only the body’s energy flow, but stimulates also the blood flow in your feet. Increased circulation in the legs minimises swelling and can lower the risk of thrombosis during long car journeys or while sitting in the office. Foot reflexology is one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine. This alternative form of medicine applies knowledge that is more than 5,000 years old and can improve health and well-being. The SHUKANG insoles with massage function apply foot reflexology exactly at the points also used by traditional Chinese medicine. The mechanism of action of these insoles was tested by the organisation MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA that was formed in 1962: it certified an improvement of the dynamic health status. The organisation recommends the SHUKANG insoles as an aid to improve well-being.


SHUKANG® means a sense of well-being and health


SHUKANG is an absolute innovation in this field. In the past 100 years only static insoles for foot reflexology were available, whereas the SHUKANG insoles allow for the individual adjustment of the massage knobs to the user’s foot shape.

Amongst other things, the SHUKANG insoles have been developed on the basis of the ‚Theory of Supercycles‘ (Nikolai Kondratiev), which states that we currently are in a cycle of health and well-being. Yet this is not the only reason why you should choose these insoles with massage function: like most natural health products they have absolutely no harmful side effects. The insoles‘ eight massage nodes can be operated individually and can be adjusted to exactly match the feet and requirements of the wearer. The approximately 4 mm thin soles fit into nearly every shoe. The massage function of the SHUKANG insoles increases circulation in a natural manner and thus effectively prevents cold feet so that you no longer need additional insoles for warmth in winter. The SHUKANG insoles are made of four layers, combining the massage function with excellent foot hygiene properties. The top layer is made from real leather and activated carbon in the second layer wicks away moisture. The third layer features the innovative and separately activatable foot massage knobs and the fourth layer ensures hygienic wearing comfort.

SHUKANG® with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine


As the SHUKANG insoles can be adapted to exactly match the wearer’s feet, they are a perfect present for men and women who want to treat their feet to a massage without having to leave home. The SHUKANG insoles are made to a high quality and combine an attractive design with an innovative and health-promoting effect. Health-promoting products are always a welcome present, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a promotional item or a private individual who wants to treat themselves or a person dear to you to a bit of well-being by way of a foot massage or foot reflexology stimulation.
"Give your feet a refreshing break -
wear SHUKANG® insoles."

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