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Below you find excerpts from extensive studies that investigated in depth the issue of sitting and the related threat for us humans:


# The University of Toronto/Canada (one of the 20 largest worldwide) arrived at the result …


”Sitting is the new smoking” – People who sit for hours on end damage not only their backs, but also increase their risk of coronary heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. It does not matter whether one exercises after sitting, because the negative changes in our vessels and organs resulting from sitting cannot be offset by exercise … 


# The German magazine STERN accordingly warned on the title page of its issue from 9 April 2015: Caution! Sitting is a health threat ..... resulting in severe diseases ...

# The British medical journal The Lancet published ...


… an international study that reveals that the number of people suffering from severe circulatory diseases has increased by almost a quarter within only a few years. Circulatory diseases affect not only the elderly, but people of all ages. Frequently this affects the legs. The causes are sitting for long periods, fatty food and smoking …


# The German pharmacy magazine APOTHEKEN Umschau
reported on 3 December 2014:

Cold feet because of stress – our feet are not only at the lower end of our blood supply, they are also highly sensitive. Extremely sensitive sensors in the skin and muscle tissue transmit every pressure, every external stimulus. Disturbances here affect the entire body ……. 

These and many other studies prove that one of the main reasons for diseases, such as;


· high blood pressure, increased blood lipid levels,
· coronary heart diseases such as stroke/heart attack,
· diabetes,
· cancer such as intestinal and prostate cancer,

are circulatory disorders in the feet and legs.


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