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Welcome to the world of SHUKANG®!


The patented health insole for businesses within the scope of their in-house healthcare provision and for private persons.


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Do you sit for more than 3 hours per day? If so, this will have a lasting negative impact on your health, as has been proven by international studies!


The solution:


Use SHUKANG® for 30 minutes every day! 


is unique


The patented health insole SHUKANG is based on the wisdom of more than 5,000 years of traditional Eastern Asian medicine.
The activation of reflex zones in the feet when wearing the insole improves physical feeling in its entirety as well as general well-being.



What makes it

  • Patented health product

  • 8 adjustable massage nodes

  • Premium design

  • High-tech material

  • High preventive efficiency

  • Can be used in almost all kinds of shoes

shoe sizes:


SHUKANG insoles are available in the following double sizes:
37 / 38
39 / 40
41 / 42
43 / 44
45 / 46 (07/2017)  

In-house healthcare with SHUKANG

The objective:

Healthy colleagues – activate the body’s immune system

Prevent diseases – maintain performance capability – lower sickness absence rates


The reality:


Our society’s work and leisure environments are characterised by hours spent sitting. This tendency will in future increase due to further advances in automation and digitalisation and thus will have a lasting negative impact on our health as has been demonstrated by studies conducted over the past 10 years.  

Sitting for more than 3 hours per day over a longer period of time damages our health and is the cause for many diseases!!
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The low-cost health support for your business presents itself


SHUKANG translates as “well-being and health”. This innovation is based on the 5,000-year-old knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. SHUKANG is made by hand in a complex process. The patented adjustment mechanisms allow for individual adjustment to the foot and feeling of each colleague. Daily use of only 30 minutes improves the circulation and thereby improves the dynamic health status in the long term. The international health organisation Medicina Alternativa has confirmed this result in an evaluation and recommends the product as a supportive remedy for the improvement of physical well-being and for maintaining health.


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SHUKANG® is WELLNESS for the feet and health promotion for the entire body!


By using SHUKANG daily, colleagues will improve their body’s defence mechanisms in an entirely natural manner. The immune system and the body’s capacity for self-healing are activated almost effortlessly and without side effects. It is up to each colleague when and where they use SHUKANG. It enables every colleague to make a daily active contribution to maintaining their health.
Give your employees and colleagues the option for a daily dose of health for the benefit of the company.


Health 4.0 has already started – be part of it with your company!


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 The following list highlights the many positive effects associated with using SHUKANG 

SHUKANG® – your in-house health support. An efficient means of occupational healthcare

  • SHUKANG has a high preventive effect for maintaining health
  • 30 minutes per day of using SHUKANG in its activated status are sufficient for achieving the optimal preventive effect
  • SHUKANG will be used in the long term by employees, because its use is perceived as pleasant (reward effect)
  • SHUKANG can be used both at work and during leisure time
  • The use of SHUKANG is independent of time 
  • SHUKANG does not require help from others or additional equipment
  • There is no contraindication for using SHUKANG
  • SHUKANG helps to prevent diseases and reduces trips to the doctor
  • SHUKANG strengthens the body’s immune system and capacity for self-healing
  • SHUKANG improves well-being and performance capability
  • SHUKANG improves employees’ quality of life
  • The use of SHUKANG has no negative side effects
  • SHUKANG helps to reduce costs due to lower sickness absence rates
  • SHUKANG is a budget-friendly purchase with excellent value for money
  • By presenting employees with SHUKANG, employers demonstrate how deeply they care about employee health 
  • SHUKANG contributes to improving the company image, employee identification with their employer and employee motivation